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B i o g r a p h y

Tony Aldarondo is a Puerto Rican who loves writing. He is a writer of short stories, one act plays, comedy and songs. He grew up on dr. Seuss and hip hop and found that he loves to incorporate rhyme in his poetry. This all began, when he first heard…roses are red …violets are blue. His first book will be titled “The Rhyming Poet.’’ He has read and featured original poetry at open mics throughout the bay area. He is
honored to be sharing his work with you.

He's been writing and recording music for years. Born in New York City during the birth of Hip Hop, He was greatly influenced by the elements of the art form. Now residing in California he continues to write, record, and perform in the bay area. He's honored to share his lyrics with you.... enjoy!

Power to the poets!      Support your local poets!

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